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Educational Virtual Field Trips

Take your classroom places without leaving the classroom!

Are you looking to bring some excitement into your classroom? Would you like to jazz up your current curriculum? How about a virtual field trip to a remote location with field experts? NASA? Aquatic Research? An interview with a Jazz musician? All of these are possible with K-20 and a few pieces of videoconference equipment.

Need help getting started? We've put together some comprehensive tools to help. They are available in pdf format. Please check them out under the Quick Links section.

There are a wide variety of virtual field trips available to meet your classroom needs. Under the VFT Directories section, you will find a list of sites that have searchable directories. Trips are searchable by grade, subject, content provider, etc. Some trips have fees, but there are many that are free.

Here are a few featured trips from the VFT Directories:

Interactive Music Distance Learning Project

Manhattan School of Music (MSM) seeks middle, high and/or collegiate education partners to participate in cost-free music distance learning collaboration in which MSM Doctoral program would design, create and present interactive music programs to present via videoconference to partner classrooms around the country. These programs would be designed in consultation with partner schools and would focus on either applied music lessons or thematic-based topics in music. MSM seeks partners committed to a dual learning process and post program educational assessment.

Internet2 preferred but not required.

Christianne Orto

Audience: Education: Grade(s): 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


Global Nomads

At-Risk Students Connect with Peers Worldwide An ambitious videoconferencing program brings together teens from all over -- and wakes them up to the world at large. (


Rural Washington Students Connect with the World

When two children in classes half a world apart solved an art challenge in exactly the same way, they were delighted -- and curious. How else are students in Pullman, Washington, and Moscow, Russia, alike? Who are the artists and how do they live? How are their approaches to drawing and the materials used similar and different? more...


New Technologies Link Ancient Cultures

They huddle together on the playground, giggling behind clipboards, shyly rehearsing the interview questions they are about to put to their elders in a jumble of English and Choctaw. "Why did you start chanting?" "What stories did your grandmother tell you?" "What's your favorite Choctaw dance?" For this group of students from Pearl River Elementary School in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the interviews provide information about their tribe's rich history they won't find in any textbook. Moments after their interviews, the students will present their stories and digital photographs to a global audience, as part of the International Education and Resource Network's (iEARN) First People's Project.

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Explore Science. Discover Fun! at COSI Toledo

You can bring the COSI Toledo experience into your classroom or auditorium today! We offer standards-based educational programming for kids of all ages.

For over a decade, COSI Toledo has been exploring science and discovering fun! Now, COSI Toledo brings it all to you! With our same commitment to quality education, we offer classroom workshops, full day science festivals, family science nights and distance learning sessions via interactive video conferencing.

Book one today! Call 419.244.2674 or email


Live and on-demand Writing Workshops With Adora Svitak

Type of Organization: Education: K-12 School
Providing Professional Development Programs Since Sept 2007

Contact Information

Adora Svitak
16643 NE 89th ST
Redmond, WA 98052
United States
Phone: (425) 882-1603
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Adora's TV

With her down-to-earth charm and audacious wit, writer and literacy expert Adora Svitak embodies the benefits of creative learning. Adora has been teaching writing workshops since she published her first book at age seven. She has been featured on Oprah, CNN’s Young People Who Rock, NBC Nightly News, and countless other programs. Adora’s presentations feature live writing demonstrations, interactive activities, and storytelling. Her social studies workshops teach kids (and teachers) how to use writing as a creative learning tool across disciplines. Adora provides kids with a tangible and exciting example of where writing can take them.

This Provider Broadcasts Over IP
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Programs are available By Request/On Demand and By Date and Time Primary Disciplines addressed through programs

Best Practice, Character Education, Curriculum, Foreign/World Languages, Gifted & Talented, Instructional Programs, Instructional Strategies, International, Language Arts/English, Leadership, Literacy, Reading, Video Conferencing Presentation Skills, Writing

You and your students are invited to participate in an online writing workshop taught by child author and internationally renowned literacy expert Adora Svitak. Adora’s popular workshops, which help students meet and exceed language arts standards while developing a sense of ownership over writing. The following programs are available from your computers either via live webstream or on demand. There are limited spaces available on our bandwidth, so please contact us ahead of time to receive the link so you can watch and participate in the sessions with your students. For detailed information on Adora’s video conferencing program offerings, visit or e-mail

Acing Your State Writing Assessment With Adora-- Narrative Writing with Adora Svitak In this comedic three part program, child author and internationally renowned literacy expert Adora Svitak demonstrates how to write an engaging narrative that meets essential language arts standards including organization; evincing an understanding of audience; using concrete language; including sensory details; and eliminating extraneous details.

Acing Your State Writing Assessment With Adora: Persuasive Writing with Adora Svitak Students who feel confident in their writing abilities welcome any chance to show off their skills. In this visually appealing and content-rich series, Adora presents a dynamic breakdown of persuasive writing. Through innovative hands-on activities, students gain a legitimate confidence in their writing abilities. Each lesson in this series is aligned to specific national language arts standards and demonstrates how to master essential skill sets.

Writing Dynamic
The Writing Dynamic series offers four basic writing lessons. In addition to introducing essential concepts in an engaging format, Adora provides kids with a tangible and exciting example of where writing can take them. Each lesson is calibrated to help students meet specific national language arts standards. Grade levels: 1-8 (The program can be adjusted to meet the needs of the class.)

Write to Learn
A dynamic way to engage students and create a sense of personal connection with the subject matter, the Write to Learn lesson plans teach kids how to use creative writing to process and explore social studies lessons.
Grade levels: 2-8 (The program can be adjusted to the age level of the class.) Flying Fingers

In the Flying Fingers series, Adora explains specific elements of story craft, using scenes from her own stories and engaging writing activities to illustrate key points. Adora’s down-to-earth teaching style and true enthusiasm for the art of writing continue to inspire kids of all ages; she brings the message that reading and writing can take you anywhere in the world and beyond. Grade levels: 2-9 ( The program can be adjusted to the age level of the class.)

Dancing Fingers
An innovative introduction to poetry writing, the Dancing Fingers program is based on Adora’s most recent book. Using her own poems as examples, Adora gives an overview of poetry forms, shares ideas for poetry inspiration, and guides students through an attention-grabbing poetry writing activity. Grade levels: 3-12 (The program can be adjusted to the age level of the class.)